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Housework for One: The Winter Plan – Bathroom

With autumn on the way, it’s getting darker and I know that I’m going to find it harder to function. Which means that, as the schools go back and summer is over, I start to develop or restart old routines … Continue reading

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Kitchen Equipment: Salad Spinner

I’m fascinated by what people feel is essential in their kitchens and how that changes as our lives and cooking styles do. I live quite happily without a microwave, something I couldn’t have imagining when I was in my 20’s, … Continue reading

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Housework: Homemade Cleaning Products

Do you remember how ages ago I said that I would use Saturday posts for goal updates and discussions about housework? The goal posts have been going up (but we’re only in May, so miles to go there!) but I … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Mice

November seemed to be osteotomy recovery month, and January is shaping up to be mice month. Although I’m not sure that my battle with them is over (I’m still cleaning everything, multiple times a day but visitation seems to have … Continue reading

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Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake is the food beloved of students everywhere, easy to make, cheap, happy to sit around for a bit. It’s also got a reputation for not being very nice but it’s one of my favourite comfort foods. The leftovers … Continue reading

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Life Happened – Flu

Hello world! It’s been a while. It’s been a while because the cold that wouldn’t die, mutated into something else really grim, we’re thinking flu because of the uncontrollable shaking, high temp and my not being able to eat or … Continue reading

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Life Happened – Work meetings from Hell

So last week was all about still not feeling well and trying to get through work. Thursday was the hardest day of work ’cause I minuted a six hour meeting. Ugh.. On Friday I had a migraine, which was not … Continue reading

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