House Changes

I’ve been living in the same place 11 years, the only place I’ve lived as long is the flat in Fulham as a kid (16 years from ages 4 to 20!).

July 2019

I moved here after a long period of sadness and uncertainty, I was absolutely ready to live on my own again after 7 years of sharing with others. When I moved here, I approached living in this house in a completely different way, than I had done before, in that I decided to take my time about furnishing it and wait for the right things, instead of buying stuff that would do. Which meant I didn’t have a sofa for six months!

Even when I’d just moved in, everyone commented on how much the flat ‘felt’ like me and it still does but it has changed quite a bit without appearing to change much at all because it happens so slowly but this year has been the biggest year for changing since I moved in.

That’s because I’ve been in the house more this year AND I’ve had extra money to spend on the house thanks to not paying to commute for the last 9 months! Here’s what I’ve done this year;

  • Sorted out the Cupboard of Doom with new uniform shelving
  • re-arranged the living room to accomodate a new desk
  • moved the chest of drawers in the living room to the bedroom
  • finally installed curtains in the bedroom
  • framed some ‘art’ and hung it in the bedroom, kitchen and living room

I when I put it like that, it doesn’t seem like a lot but this week, the flat feels different.

There’s still more to do, there’s always something to do. At some point, I’ll sort out an actual wardrobe that fits my space but I’m in no hurry!

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