Recommendations: Jersey Bedding

I love my bed. I mean really love it and changing the bed linen weekly is one of the housework tasks I do every week pretty much without fail. It’s a family thing I think, Ben and I will both talk about how lovely getting into a clean bed in clean pj’s is and when I’m ill, I’ll change the bed because it makes me feel better. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise to know that one of the New Year’s Eve traditions I have is that I change the bed and my first sleep of the year is in clean bedding.This year I used some of my Christmas money to buy myself new bedding, I was wondering around and came across this jersey duvet cover and pillows and they had jersey sheets and there you go, the most cosy bedding ever invented. I can’t wait for summer, but I will miss this bedding…Bedding especially when you have a king size bed can be really expensive, I rely on Primark and Ikea for most of mine. It’s reasonably cheap, washes well, lasts a while and I usually get out of the shop with a full set of sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover for less than £40!

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