Miscellany: Mid way through April

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while. I’ve been struggling a bit recently, it’s post COVID, it’s living in a mess (because the building stuff isn’t entirely finished, yes I know it’s been nearly 3 months but we’re not finished with the snagging and the living room floor isn’t done, and thus the flat is not entirely unpacked), it’s work and age and all sorts of other things, including me being bone idle. When I’m struggling, there are things that just don’t get thought of and this space is one of them.

On the plus side is that the flat is more or less under control (unpacked boxes aside) and I’m also more or less on top of laundry, cooking and washing up!

I’m gradually getting to the things that do need sorting, putting things back on walls and arranging where things should fit. Over Easter, Ma helped me move some things about. I have a herb shelf outside the front door now! This coming weekend, I have to pack and declutter the living room so the flooring can be done next week. Assuming that’s done and the last of the kitchen things get sorted out, I’ll be in a much better place by May!

Then I can start worrying about all the things I need to do at the plot!

Home and mental health aside, the last couple of weeks have felt busy. Although by any objective measure, they aren’t that busy. I was tidying my desk last week and found a card that said ‘you know you’re old, when the bins go out more than you do’ which is about right.

Therefore last week, when I went out for a haircut on Friday and Ma and I went to see Dancing at Lughnasa at the National Theatre on Saturday AND I got to use my first aid training by stopping Ma from choking, felt very busy! The play was great but so very sad in a very Irish way.

This week is more sedate, work, hopefully getting the electrician to finish the snagging on the kitchen, I have two fridge freezers and I’d really like to be able to use both of them at the same time!

Have a good week!

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