The Weekend

I spent Friday night at Ma’s for Friday Night Pizza (we’re doing Christmas at Ma’s this year so it was a good opportunity for me to get used to her new kitchen!)


Also this, I made this in my first year at secondary school. 29 years later Ma is still using it, which means that either she doesn’t cook very much or I am a woodworking genius!


It was a relatively early night so we could get up early to get to Jane’s for haircuts and catching up.


When Jane was done and I could see again, I headed home for a quiet afternoon/evening, a small nap and a sad face when I realised that my beloved Chelsea had lost the match to Everton. Not good…

On Sunday morning, I leapt out of bed with enthusiasm and went to the gym, did the ironing, some washing and sorted out my wardrobe, putting the summer stuff away, getting out my winter clothes, changing the duvet and bleeding the radiators! It’s fair to say that all this activity was part of the reason I was late for meeting Ma and the reason we didn’t get to the theatre – sorry Ma!

Instead there was wine and chocolate brownies and home for an early night!



The plan for this week is work, some gym, lots of sleep and trying not to be sad about my lack of holiday!

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