Thankful 2015 – Week 2

I was thinking about a list this week, but what I’m really grateful for this week is connection. I went outside once this week, to have my stitches out, I haven’t seen many people over the last two weeks so it’s been people taking the time to contact me that I’ve been most grateful about.

Ma came over on Saturday, did all my shopping, changed my bed and washed my hair. She’s ace. She was over again on Tuesday and we had dinner, she stayed to come to the hospital with me on Wednesday. Ma deserves a whole post of thankful because she has been amazing!

Ben took Ma and me to the hospital on Wednesday, which made life so much easier.  Sarah D came to see me last week. Christelle came to visit on Sunday and Kathy came over on Monday with lunch. Sarah R came round on Friday. Friends have emailed, texted, called and facebooked to check up on how I’m doing and if I need anything.  I am good at fending for myself and I like to be alone but even for me, the last couple of weeks could have felt lonely but they haven’t because of my family and friends keeping in touch and connecting with me.

The people in your life make such a difference to how life goes for you. I have a family and a family of friends who help and encourage me, who are there to celebrate and commiserate with me at all the points of my life. Who can tell me to buck my ideas up when it’s needed too. We support each other in small and big ways. Like me. none of them are perfect but these people are the people that I do life with, who do life with me.

I’m thankful for them.


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