Brilliant things to do…

Anyone else in January gloom?

I am, some of it caused by a 24 hour-ish migraine on Monday/Tuesday, other causes are a quiet week at work and the normal January SAD stuff.


How do you solve a problem like being miserable? If you’re me, you plan stuff.

So I’ve invited a friend over for dinner next week, I’ve sorted some things out that were on the ‘to-do’ list, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do on my holiday in seven weeks time (Washington here I come!) and in the process of having things to do that don’t involve sorting out the mould in the bathroom and finding the time to actually sort out the mould in the bathroom and accidentally bleach one of my favourite articles of clothing, I’ve cheered up a bit. Also I painted my nails, which always makes me a bit more cheerful.

I also found this. Anybody else fancy learning to swing dance? Or what about a hoola hooping masterclass?

If learning isn’t your thing, what about culture? English Heritage have exhibitions on through the year at the Wellington Arch. In fact join English Heritage and do some of the members events like the Duke of Wellington specialist tour of Walmer Castle or the Belsay tour both of which I would do in a heartbeat. I wrote about Belsay when we saw it last year   and I loved it although I didn’t expect to.


I also want to do the now sold out photography tour although Lincolnshire is a way to go for it!

City Academy courses look interesting too. I really want to the sausage making course at the Ginger Pig this year too!

There’s lots of good theatre coming up this year too. This is just the upcoming stuff at the National.

So that’s how I’m cheering myself up. What are you doing?

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1 Response to Brilliant things to do…

  1. myfitfoot says:

    I would LOVE to learn Swing or Lindyhop!

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