Malted Milk Cookies

I did Grace cafe on Saturday. Cafe is fairly straightforward and I decided to go for bread, cheese and chilli jam. The point is to have conversation not gourmet food.

However, I really felt the need to add something sweet.  I am after all the person who once just did cake and lots of it for Cafe (the theme of the service was gift) I think that was about the time, I did a station about gift where everyone got a box of cookies (the idea being that you’ve been given this gift from God and it’s entirely up to you what you do with it.  It made perfect sense at the time!

Anyway, in the summer I bought some malted milk powder for a malt chocolate cake recipe that I ended up not making and this recipe seemed a good way of using it.

The cookies are flat (they are supposed to be!) and chewy and crispy. They are very sweet and I couldn’t eat too many at once but I can see that they would make a fantastic ice cream sandwich. You need to leave them on the baking tray for a bit after they come out of the oven to harden. The only major changes I made to the recipe were due to lack of soft butter so I used melted butter and I didn’t have enough milk chocolate chips so I used what I had and made up the difference with the half white/half semi sweet ones that the lovely Max brought me back from the US.

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2 Responses to Malted Milk Cookies

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    these look absolutely delicious!

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