Jillian’s Birthday Cake

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you’ll have worked out that my Ma and I are very close. It wasn’t always this way, according to her I was a teenage nightmare! I always reply to that accusation that I was a pretty good teenager, especially compared to her or my brother, I didn’t swear at any of my teachers or skip school, I could mostly be found in the library or babysitting..

20121208-205858.jpgI’m not keen on saying that she’s my best friend because she’s not, she’s my mum, but nowadays, Ma is my chief partner in crime. We talk a couple of times a day, see each other at least once a week, we go to gigs and the theatre together, we help each other with decorating and moving and swap furniture and ideas and we take holidays together.Back CameraThat’s not to say that we don’t have other friends and do things with other people and love doing that too. One of the best things about Ma is that my brother is very close to her too, some people have said that Ben and I are unnaturally close to our parent but I don’t think so. I think that we love each other and we support one another and we are very lucky to have her. One of my infant school teachers, knew Ma when they were teenagers and she told me that she thought, we were all so close and because Ma didn’t have a mother after she was 14 so was just making it up once we hit that age! There’s an element of truth in this, as I get older, I appreciate how different (and better) her relationships with Ben and I are. My mother is so much herself, she never expects us to be anything but ourselves, she taught us to live and supports us if she can but the only time I think I’ve ever truly felt that I’ve let her down is when I haven’t been true to who I am, even when who I am is chronically late and has a problem with transition (neither of which are Ma’s failings!)

photoToday is her birthday and given that we have already celebrated it with dinner on Sunday and drinks at the OXO last night, the only thing left is cake.DSCF3317This is Ma’s cake, the one I bake when I want to curry favour! It’s originally from Sybil Kapoor but had to be adapted to add more ginger and I also add pieces of crystallised ginger because when it comes to this cake, the more ginger, the better! It also makes really good muffins!DSCF3789


Happy Birthday Mum!

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