November Happy

2020 has been a horrible year. November is my least favourite month in the year and to add to the suck, this November I’ll be in lockdown. So I’m bringing back the November Thankful/Happy habit. Every week, I will list the little things that made me happy/thankful/grateful or just lightened a dark day.

Before I start, I need to point out that this is not about making anyone else in a different situation feel worse. I do this because it helps me. Studies have shown that this kind of practice can help with mental resilience, but it isn’t going to cure severe depression. If you feel that you’re slipping into that, make an appointment with a GP or a therapist. Get help now. Yes, this along with exercise, yoga, mediation, diet and maybe even having a hot bath every day, can all help but so can anti depressants and therapy. They all work together. You know what else helps? Knowing that your job and housing are secure and you can feed your children.

All that to say that nothing that’s happening this year is good and you’re allowed to find this difficult wherever you fall on the spectrum of circumstances and you’re allowed to ask for help. That’s not weakness, that’s strength and it’s healthy. Depression is not dealt with just by thinking happy thoughts and doing yoga!

That said things that have made me happy in the last two days:

1st – Slippers

I bought some slippers, my feet are now warm and cosy. This my friends is what three years away from 50 looks like!

2nd – Christmas Elf

It’s been an interesting year work wise, one of the things I never thought I’d do as part of my job is make team Christmas boxes, but here we are. It’s been a really lovely distraction to know that I’m organising something fun. And I got to trial ornament making!

Bonus October happy from last week.

The little nephew and his many halloween costume changes

The joy of perfect yorkshire puddings (I still have it!)

I made these

What can you find to make you feel a tiny bit better in this hellscape of a year?

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2 Responses to November Happy

  1. Neil says:

    I have started writing 3 wins – positive things I do every day. It definitely helps to focus on good things. 2 years the other side of 50. Embrace them slippers, and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

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