Going Home

Today we’ll be mostly in the car, for the 350-ish mile drive home. As ever, I’m sad to leave but happy to be going home.

It’s been a different holiday from usual but I really needed the break and although it was a rest it was also more active. It’s easy to go for a walk every day when the sea is right there!

I thought that everywhere we’ve visited has handled the Covid situation well, I thought that most of the shops were better organised than they are in London. It’s also worth knowing what lockdown and the new local rules have done to the economy.

The Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre has lost £12,000 in donations and cafe profits, they aren’t going to be able to make that up and it’s a great place that needs all the help it can get to carry on.

I know that the National Trust and English Heritage are having difficulty everywhere too. But it’s the local businesses, the pubs and restaurants that are really suffering and will continue to while this going on and next year after Brexit. I would encourage you, if you can and feel safe to do so, please take your holidays in the UK in the next couple of years because it’s safer, because the country needs it and you’d be helping the environment by not flying!

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