Friday Links: Energy Crisis

Happy Friday!

It’s April Fool’s Day, given the state of the world, I think we should cancel April’s Fool until the world in general and the Prime Minister in particular, stop being so ridiculous! Aside from that, it’s Laura and Sarah’s birthdays today, I hope at some point Laura manages to celebrate her birthday, this one and last two have been stymied by COVID. Instead of photos of them, I’m going to post photos of their dogs!


Here are this week’s links.

Ofgem may be busy, but it must address Martin Lewis’s points

Rishi Sunak has broken his promise to help with the cost of living. My mum has been saying since the Spring Statement that Sunak won’t bring in measures to help people he doesn’t think will vote Tory and that those that really need help with cost of living right now, hardly vote at all. She’s not wrong.

‘Absolute joke’: Southgate hits out at England fans who booed Harry Maguire. He shouldn’t have been booed but he also shouldn’t have been picked. I’m not a brilliant football genius but I’ve never rated Maguire, I don’t think he’s been a colossus for England. Even if you do, Maguire’s mediocre performance shouldn’t have seen him selected. Booing Maguire was out of line, but it was Southgate not Maguire that picked the team. Yes we beat Cote d’Ivoire (also yes I do get really annoyed when people say Ivory Coast because the country requests that every one use the French and it’s even worse when people say ‘the Ivory Coast’, like saying ‘the Ukraine’. I don’t go in for a huge amount of wokeness but it’s just showing good manners polite to call people (inc. trans people) and countries by the name they wish to be called – here endeth the rant) but it wasn’t what you’d call a virtuoso performance.

The end is nigh for Northern Ireland as we know it – and unionists can blame themselves. But they won’t, they’ll blame everybody else, like they always do..

‘It’s trendy’: wild garlic foragers leave bad taste in mouth of Cornish residents. Feeling incredibly smug about the wild garlic I’ve just ordered for the plot (I call it wild garlic but it’s actually cultivated in  somebody’s garden, not dug up from the wild!)


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