Allotment Adventures: Tiptoeing through the Tulips

Last weekend we had strange weather. We were on the plot on Saturday and it was sunny, then snowy. I’m not a person who skis, so wearing sunglasses as it snows is not an experience I ever expected!

Anyway, Saturday. We took all the cardboard, all the shredded paper, the bokashi bin and the camomile plants to the plot. We’d been to Waitrose first thing in the morning and I bought two native blueberries and Ma bought a scented viola.

So we dealt with the compost and polytunnel part of the work. Which meant a couple of trips to the well pump!

We had to strim the paths. As we were doing it, Jon who was using the petrol strimmer for the plot work day took pity on us and did it for us. I have to make this a monthly task from now until autumn.

We did the other side and felt happy that it was all done for this month. Then Ma and I assembled things. We must be getting good at this because there was swearing but not at one another! First the obelisk for the flower bed at the back (the new bed with the Edelwiess lavender, peonies and roses). Then the first of the five arches. This one is going over by the rosemary to support the mini squash I’m growing in the beds there. We had one there for a couple of years, so this is just a return to status quo. The other four are going over the squash beds for bean support, but we’ll probably make them a little bit shorter.

Then Ma trimmed a lavender bush while I planted the blueberries and viola and cut some chard.

Everything in on the plot and on the site generally, despite the snow, the blossom on the plum tree is coming out and the blueberries are really starting too.

Finally the white tulips came out with a vengeance,

Lots more to do but we’ll still waiting on the weather!

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