Allotment Adventures: Sowing and Buying

I didn’t do any allotment work last weekend.

I did sow some tomatoes and buy some arches. I need to start sowing everything else and that’s a task for the weekend.

The March work list did not complete itself. So this weekend, I really need to commit to it and get as much of it off the list so that the work I need to do in April can be done, which means that this Friday, assuming it’s not raining (forecast is 8C and sunny) I need to tackle the horrible jobs. This is a bit of a theme with me at the moment, I’m trying to get all the ‘needling’ tasks at home, work and on the plot done. These are the tasks that don’t take a lot of time but sit at the back of your mind, taking up space and causing stress. For the plot, I need to get the bokashi bin, the shredded paper and, the cardboard to the plot. Also on the list are painting the shed and strimming the paths. We have a plot inspection at the end of April and paths are going to be an issue (the committee has told us so).

Ma is coming over on Saturday so we can get on with more work. Putting together the arches is probably going to be a joint task. I also need to weed. Ma may be cutting back the rosemary, for both of us, there will be some sowing, I want to sow parsley, and beetroot outside and brassicas in the polytunnel.

I also need to sow my camomile lawn. Assuming it survives it’s rough and tumble arrival.

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