Green Tomato Chutney

What do you do with a couple of kilos of green tomatoes?

The last of the tomatoes

I usually leave them to ripen and I did that for quite a few of them but you get to the stage where you need to clear some space and everyone had mentioned green tomato chutney (except my friend Jonny, who isn’t keen!)

I wanted a recipe that didn’t use apples and this one from Lovely Greens, fitted the bill and looked really easy. The hardest thing was chopping a kilo of onions!

It took a hour or two for it to reduce down to chutney and I will confess, I did not water bath the jars. While I’m more than happy to do it for compote, salsa, tomatoes and pressure canning for things like stock. I don’t for most jams, marmalade and chutneys (yes I know and I’m prepared to risk it!)


It made about eight jars and it’s delightful, I’m not generally keen on pickle but this is lovely and not to harsh, Mum really likes it, so I’m happy!

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