Friday Links:

Happy Friday!

It’s been an ok week, I’m still wrestling diaries at work and my listening choice for work from home has taken a bit of a diversion to 6Music. It’s usually Women’s Hour that scares me off and then I go back for WATO and PM. In other news, Ma and I now the proud owner of a wheelbarrow, a strimmer and 400 litres of woodchip (there wasn’t any free stuff at weekend!). The allotment is going to begin it’s transformation for next spring at the weekend!

The pond

National Grid warns of short supply of electricity over next few days. File under ‘what fresh hell is this’, my pessimistic side thinks we’re in for more of this as the winter continues….

The invisible hand of the market won’t protect our food or fields

A ‘circuit breaker’ in England will work only if test and trace is urgently reformed. The govt has had six months to form and execute a plan and it’s ponced about giving money to it’s mates…

Don’t blame the government for its handling of Covid. It’s our fault, apparently. It’s not about the lack of planning, it’s the fault of the common people. Seriously, they are the most morally corrupt and incompetent bunch of shysters…

Dominic Cummings allowed to avoid backdated council tax on second home. Tell me that anyone else would have got away with this?

As the tide of coronavirus swells again, Boris Johnson heads into a perfect storm. There’s a Kipling poem, that I feel sums this up. Of course Kipling wrote this after WW1 but it’s apt.

Britain’s Covid-19 strategy simply adds up to many more jobless people

The most common ways we’re wearing face masks incorrectly

Celebrate the House Meal, the Go-To Dish for When There’s No One to Satisfy but Yourself. Mushrooms on Toast is pretty much my go to but Christelle and I used to have this thing that involved mince, oxo cubes, leeks and mozerella that was amazing!

Baking won’t get me through a Covid winter but a bossy, breathless Melvyn Bragg just might. I’m a long time fan of In Our Time, I cheered when it restarted last month!

How to make this winter not totally suck, according to psychologists. It’s what you’re mother (or at least mine!) has been telling you your entire life…

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