Monday Miscellany: Tier Two

So on Friday night, London went into Tier Two. What does that mean for me? Well Mum isn’t going to come over mid-week unless she hires a car but she will and can continue to come over at the weekend. We are in a support bubble so that is allowed, if the allotment was near her house, I’d go to her! Also at the weekend, she comes over and goes home first thing, so the buses are pretty empty. But we’re not allowed to go into anyone’s house or meet them indoors, which puts Christmas at my brother’s in doubt. We’ll see.

Other than the government not having a sodding clue and the rising COVID numbers, it was a pretty good week. I’m settling into an autumn routine, the desk has really helped me focus on work when I’m working. I am taking time to exercise but what I need to get my head around, is getting outside more during the week. I’m managing it at the moment because we have a work walking challenge but I’m naturally a pretty good hermit!

Other good things, a great day’s work on the plot, and yesterday Kathy and her eldest came for a visit, which was lovely, I’ve not been able to spend time with either of the Baxter children so it was lovely to see this one in such good health, it’s been quite the year for them!

This week, is more of the same, work, exercise and the grown up stuff we have to do, like laundry and hoovering and enjoying the last week of light(ish) evenings before the clocks go back!

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