Allotment Adventures: The Makeover Begins

This weekend, we started the revamp of the plot. After we had walked to the plot three times, me with wheelbarrows of woodchip, Ma with all the cardboard and other things we needed!

We took apart the two beds next to the rose garden and pond. Then we set about making an established bed taller. That done we planted garlic in it!

Ma started to clear the big squash bed, and I started at the back of the plot, where the new compost bins are going to be, we also moved one of the bins. That makes it sound much quicker and easier than it actually was. There was much swearing and I was pretty broken by the end of the day!

But it looks much better. I’ve ordered the compost bins, so fingers crossed, we’ll get them this week and put them up next week. Eventually, we’ll woodchip the whole of this path because it’s slippery and over grown and if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love woodchip!

We also started to build another bed but the drill ran out of charge!

The big squash bed is going to make three smaller beds and will be filled with overwintering onions and shallots. I also need to order and sow broad beans, but they will probably go at the front of the plot.

  • My must do plan for the next few weeks:
  • Build the compost bins
  • Finish splitting the big squash bed
  • Sow the onions, shallots and broad beans

Once I’m done with that, we’re going to have a weeding blitz. There is grass everywhere on the paths and it really needs dealing with.

That done and we’ll be at least into mid November and I start moving the gooseberries and splitting up rhubarb. Then we’ll be back to rebuilding beds.

There is lots to do and it’s really nice to have made a start.

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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: The Makeover Begins

  1. Neil says:

    I took the grass up for less work, but the ground is now very slippery, wood chip next for me too.

    • nicdempsey says:

      I wood chip everything! It’s really noticeable at the front of the plot which I’ve had longer because it’s improved the soil underneath it. It’s also really good around fruit bushes too! I bought this lot but we also get loads delivered to the plot for free, so it’s economical as well!!

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