Allotment Adventures: Getting there

So we went to the plot this weekend. We can’t sow anything yet because we need a ton of compost so there wasn’t a lot to do, I wanted to put the last bed in and then our plan was to go and buy some seed compost and sow some tomatoes.

But we got to the plot and there was a ton of wood chip so we decided to re do the paths that didn’t get done last time.

That’s a job we shouldn’t need to do again until next year!

We are now done with building beds for a little while. Once the broad beans are finished we’re going to make that bed a square bed and in the autumn, we are going to move the blackcurrants into separate beds that we need to make and then move the bed over to sit next to the other fruit bed we moved. That then gives us a clear path from one end of the plot to the other! I also need to work on the back of the plot but I have so many potential ideas, wild garlic, blackthorn bushes, flowers or a place for slow composting. All of them will start with a retaining ‘wall’ and some compost. But it’s not urgent so can wait until autumn.

So what’s next? Buying compost. With the current coronavirus issues, we aren’t going to get a delivery, I’ve order a little trolley and I’m going to take advantage of the 5 40 ltr bags of compost for £10 at Morrisons. We’re basically going to spend £100 and get 2000 litres which should be enough for the beds. One of the things I am going to say is that although I’ll be working from home for most of the time, the plot is necessary for my well being, both physically and mentally so I will be visiting and working on it. I can walk there and keep a metre away from anyone.

This weekend I want to start on planting potatoes and sowing peas, beetroot and salads. There’s a lot of weeding to be done and if the weather is ok, I probably need to paint the shed.

In other news Spring is coming….

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