Allotment Adventures: Social Distancing

In all of this madness, I’m still allowed to go to the allotment, so that’s good.

I was there for 5 hours on Saturday and I dug a pond! It needs some planting but that can wait for a bit

I also weeded the very overgrown inherited parsley bed. I’m going to sow coriander in the other bed.

I mulched the boysenberry and supported the leaning apple tree (you can see the unweeded parsley bed in the corner). I also filled up some beds and the next day Ma and I bought 10 bags of compost which I had a minor breakdown over, I’m worried that we won’t get what we need, we’ve ordered another 30 bags to be delivered this week, but I’m not sure if that will happen now.

I also bought a new rhubarb plant and some more daffodils and planted them in the bed at the front of the plot. I’ve also ordered two new blueberry plants because I can’t help myself!

Ma has had her last visit to the plot for a while, right now, I’m using my daily exercise time on the plot, which is good because it’s just going to be me for a while. This weekend, I want to paint the shed and cut the grass on the paths as well as sow peas, beetroot, carrots and salad. I also want to start tomatoes, kale, leeks and cauliflowers over the weekend. As I’ve finally washed all the pots, so lockdown is good for something! Oh and finally the sweet potato that has been sitting in my kitchen since January finally has a slip! Sweet potatoes were something Ma wanted to try, so I’m really hoping we’re done with lockdown sometime this summer so she can reap some benefit to her good idea.

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