Recommendation: Teva’s

I have a problem and that problem is my feet. It’s not just that they’re ugly, it’s that they aren’t very good at being feet and have lots of issues, they are almost completely flat, large (UK size 8) and as a consequence have bunions and osteo-arthritis.  After the osteotomy on my left foot, I pretty much gave up on heels altogether and now wear the most sensible of sensible shoes.

Enter my Tevas. If you have elegant feet (it is possible!) these shoes probably look good on you, but I am not a person whose feet look good in anything but these are the most comfortable pair of sandals I own and they are good for a three hour walk with Sarah and Fred!

They do have some downsides, one is that your feet get really dirty and the other is the infamous ‘teva stink’ issue. However, feet can be cleaned and the stink can be deal with if you soak them in mouthwash (yes really) and water. Use one cup mouthwash to two cups water and leave for 30 minutes, I usually follow that up by leaving them on a windowsill overnight to dry. Should that not work then cover the insoles with bicarb and leave overnight.

But all good things require maintenance and these sandals are a very good thing and give me happy feet.

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