Friday Links: The Deep State

Happy Friday! It’s been a big week for news!

This was the train on the way home last night! I love London!

Here are this week’s links…

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration. I’ve got to disagree. You are the problem, you helped get a man elected who was clearly unfit for office, you accepted a post in his Government. For power. This shows how absolutely fallen conservatism is, rather than invoke the 25th Amendment, you subvert the will of the President so you can some of the stuff you want, for tax cuts and deregulation, you’ll let this man be in power and risk not only your Republic but the rest of the world.

The madness is pouring out of the White House now, for all to see

No doubt there were functionaries around Mussolini who believed the Italian trains had never been so punctual. But Il Duce was also – how best to put it? – detrimental to the health of the republic.

If you really believe your boss is a threat to the constitution which you’ve taken an oath to protect, perhaps you should consider quitting or going public. As in: going on Capitol Hill to hold a press conference to urge impeachment.

The Incapacitated President. The problem isn’t the President, the problem is the Republicans.

This Is a Constitutional Crisis

Your service in government is valuable. Thank you for it. But it is not so indispensable that it can compensate for the continuing tenure of a president you believe to be amoral, untruthful, irrational, antidemocratic, unpatriotic, and dangerous. Previous generations of Americans have sacrificed fortunes, health, and lives to serve the country. You are asked only to tell the truth aloud and with your name attached.

We’re Watching an Antidemocratic Coup Unfold

Trump anger as senior official attacks ‘amoral’ president in anonymous New York Times op-ed One thing that does strike me, Trump can’t differentiate between disloyalty to him and treason. Which is dangerous. And I would not want to be in the White House right now…

Bob Woodward’s book details Trump’s chaotic and dysfunctional White House. It’s like the books about Prince Charles’ terrible behavior, some of it may not be true but everything in it confirms the behaviour that we have already seen. For example, the way he acted when John McCain day. It confirms everything we think about his behaviour. Trump’s White House just gets more Nixonian by the day…

‘Lies and phony sources’: Trump dismisses Bob Woodward’s book. The response from Trump we expected.

Transcript: Phone call between President Trump and journalist Bob Woodward. The transcript. Worth reading, if this is what conversation with Trump is like, you can see why it’s exhausting. I’m sorry but you don’t blow off Bob Woodward, you talk to him. This ‘oh you didn’t try hard enough’ after the book is done was absolutely deliberate, if it wasn’t, if Trump and Co thought they could style it out after the event. Well actually maybe they did, it’s always worked before….

Ditch the almond milk: why everything you know about sustainable eating is probably wrong

Trump the pariah to sit and sulk as Washington pays its respects to McCain

Michael Caine: ‘Crime comes from poverty, and those suffering are darker people’ I don’t agree with Michael Caine on many things, but he reminds me of most of my extended family, this will be my uncle in 10-ish years. But without the acting skills or money.

London Crossrail opening postponed until autumn next year. This is not a surprise, I can’t tell you much about the line but none of the work on either of the stations I use (West Ealing, Ealing Broadway) would be ready for December 2018. Seriously, everyone who’s been near it could have told you it wasn’t going to happen. There are 3 sides to a project triangle and as Crossrail has missed cost and time, it had better deliver on quality!

Airbnb and the so-called sharing economy is hollowing out our cities

One marooned ship exposes the Brexiteers’ phoney claims

Why Are So Many Americans Flushing Their Contacts Down the Toilet? In fairness, when I do it, it’s accident not design but I vow right now to do better.

Single People Aren’t to Blame for the Loneliness Epidemic. Bella DePaulo gave a TED talk about this a while ago, but generally we need to be more accepting of people who do life outside of couples.

Britain’s shared spaces are vanishing, leaving us a nation of cliques

Don’t demonise beggars. It won’t solve the problem of homelessness

Why Florida’s red tide is killing fish, manatees, and turtles

Is social media influencing book cover design?

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