Recommendation: Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

One of the strange side effects of having an allotment is that it really improved my nails. In the first two summers of having the plot , my nails stop flaking and peeling, I think it’s something to do with having my hands in the soil so much. It could be that I’m eating more and fresher veg and I get more of the nutrients from food. I have no idea why but they were stronger in the summer. They were still a mess in the winter though and it all came to a head this January when they were a complete mess. Look I’ve used a lot of nail oil  in my time and regular use does help the state of my cuticles but it didn’t help the state of my nails. I bought a very expensive nail oil that smelt lovely but didn’t have any noticable impact on the state of my flaking, peeling and very bendy nails.

Enter this stuff. It’s pricey but not as pricey as the other stuff I was using and it’s easily found in Superdrug and Boots, and it works. I’ve been using it every day since the end of January and I still haven’t finished a bottle, my nails still break now and again but they don’t flake or peel, the also are less ridged and more shiny than they used to be, the picture below is how they look on a normal day and you can see how dry my cuticles and nails usually are.I still use oil on my cuticles but twice a day but I was doing that before, the only change is the moisture rehab. I would say I really started to notice the difference after a month but the longer I’ve used it, the healthier my nails have become and given that one bottle has lasted me 7 months, it’s good value too!


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