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Happy Friday!

Yesterday there were local elections in the UK. At the time of writing this post I don’t know the results but there was time for my usual election tweet

And I wasn’t the only one. These were my favourite

This week’s posts

This week is the first week of May so after Monday Miscellany, there was the usual goals recap for April and set for May post, Allotment Adventures and the What I’ve Read post for April, with an added side of ‘why I’m not reading a lot this month’


Dawn Foster says what I have been saying for oh about 20 years! Young or old, we private renters are being locked out of our dream homes and it’s not our dream homes, it’s any secure home. It’s being called a housing crisis because the middle classes are suffering now, but working class kids have had this problem for an age. The only people went to school with still living in Fulham are the ones who live in social housing because no one else can afford it.

I’m no great fan of Vincent Nichols but when he’s right, he’s right. Archbishop hits out at ‘political aims’ of some Alfie Evans campaigners

Anyone who’s been following along for a while, will probably guess that how I felt about the Alfie Evans campaign. I felt sad for the parents and also angry at what they were doing, as if doctors and nurses who had looked after that child for 18 months would want to ‘kill’ him. I was also really upset for the parents and children who were also being treated at Alder Hey who suffered when ‘Alfie’s Army’ invaded the hospital. Most of my anger is aimed at the people who egged his parents on, it seems to me like this was a deliberate attack on the NHS and I think Gaby Hinsliff summed it up pretty well here. Alfie Evans’ parents needed help. The vultures came instead and if you still think that the NHS wanted him dead because of the cost and have some US based argument about socialised medicine, please read this from a doctor, As an NHS palliative care doctor, I say: let Alfie Evans die with dignity

the NHS has kept Alfie alive for nearly two years, at no cost to his family, and without any judgments concerning the value of his life. But intensive care is only ever a temporary support for failing organs while a reversible pathology is treated. In Alfie’s case, multiple doctors from multiple countries have all agreed that his illness is irreversible, progressive and terminal. Withdrawal of care is therefore neither killing nor murder, but enables him to die with comfort and dignity.

Loneliness isn’t inevitable – a guide to making new friends as an adult.  I’ve found that you have to develop a fondness for your own company, don’t expect best friends, be friendly and open and occupy yourself. I have lots of different communities that I am a part of but I notice that the people who find themselves feeling lonely are the people who want instant friends and not to have to do too much, that never works

Frank Lampard: ‘I’ve hardly kicked a ball since I finished and I’ve got no craving to’ Super Frank! I have a lot of time for him (if only he weren’t a Tory!) but on the few occasions I’ve seen it, I’ve really enjoyed his analysis on MoTD, I hope he does well in management (certainly better than Steven Gerrard – Rangers indeed!)

Trump even manages to ruin football, actual football as opposed to that game they play that is the bastard love child of rugby and padding.

Stopping the rot: the distressing condition that makes​ children’s teeth crumble This was interesting, though probably not if you are losing your teeth!

What Fullness Is Roxanne Gay on weight loss surgery. I don’t know that enjoy is the word I’d use about reading this but maybe understood. This is I think is a pretty universal feeling for the overweight..

I am, however, sometimes fine with my body. I am fine with my curves, the solidity of me. I am strong and tall. I enjoy the way I take up space, that I have presence. I have someone who appreciates my body and only hates everything I must deal with by virtue of living in this world in this body.

Sometimes I hate my body, the unruliness of it. I hate all my limitations. I hate my lack of discipline. I hate how my unhappiness is never enough to truly motivate me to regain control of myself, once and for all. I hate the way I hunger but never find satisfaction. I want and want and want but never allow myself to reach for what I truly want, leaving that want raging desperately beneath the surface of my skin.

 Bring your own picnic: royal wedding guests bemused by lack of catering The royal family really are cheeky and entitled.

After the murders in Toronto, there has been much writing about incels and their views on women and sex. Would you like a poem based on ‘His Coy Mistress’ to stab the heart of their ridiculous views on sex and women. Slate has you covered. The redistribution of sex

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