Allotment Adventures: Winter returns

Ma and I went to the plot on Sunday and it was so cold. Despite that, things were happening…Cornflowers…Carrots and radishesRaspberriesPlums

The warm and then wet weather meant that the grass had gone nuts and needed cutting, so that was on the list. Saturday had been so wet, a bonfire was out of the question, so we spent sometime composting some of the things we’d intended to set on fire.I cut the grass, it’ll need a bit more next week and I need to spend some time weeding the edges to beat the couch grass back but thats for a warmer day.

Last week, we saw that one of our allotment neighbours had used pallets outside their shed as a patio and we thought that might work for us. So we moved the pallet we had to see if we thought it would work. We’ve decided that it will so we need to get more pallets and paint them to match the shed, then there will be somewhere to sit on the plot.

We used the three edging pieces that I had to paint grey last week, to edge the patch where the pallet had been, I totally forgot to photograph it but trust me, it looks good!

The rest of the plot is looking good (do I say that every week!), the peas are coming upAs are the beetroot and spinach and lettuce. I took the fleece off and netted them to protect from the fox.The fox had a go at my bathtub of strawberries so I brought out the chicken wire to prevent them. All of the strawberries are flowering, so hopefully, we won’t have a late frost to kill off the flowers.We did cover the potatoes in case we do have a frost this week.

We picked rhubarb and chard.

There is a list for next week but it’s not a massive list

  • sow peas
  • earth up the potatoes
  • frame the bed at the top of the plot
  • weed the edges of plot
  • compost the squash beds – the two that have just been framed and the boxes
  • plant new mint (yeah I killed a mint plant!)

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