Friday Links

Happy Friday! Honestly, I’ve not been at my shiny best this week. It’s mostly work, I’m currently in diary hell and it seems like every morning, I come into work to re-arrange the work I did the day before! On the plus side, this week, I also planted more tomatoes, the cucumbers came up, I met Jess for lunch and Ma and I went to see the new Avengers movies. Good and bad.

This week,  I tried to keep you all amused and entertained with the following posts: Monday Miscellany, Allotment Adventures, a post about my lovely Grandad and I rambled on about hummus. While I’m thinking about it if the post about Grandad, inspired you to try his Bread Pudding, you should. That is the most popular post on this blog with the most comments so there’s lot’s of other suggestions for making it but trust me, Grandad’s is the best!

On other blogs

Cassie wrote about how to build her awesome raised beds.  Which I should consider for when I get my other half of the allotment. Although I don’t have a weed problem like that (raspberries excluded) or a mole problem!

This post on how to spot an English, Spanish or hybrid bluebell is useful as we are right in the middle of bluebell season. Although now I have my mother’s famous bluebell song going through my head!

Haymans are calling time on fake gin. Yes I signed! We are hitting peak gin because of idiots and I don’t want it to go back to the gin wasteland of my youth!

With Windrush, Theresa May mistook a national treasure for an easy target. I can’t tell you how disgusting I think this whole thing is. The decision in the first place, ignoring the issues as they were happening, blaming your civil servants and generally pretending that this terrible thing couldn’t have been foreseen when you were told it would happen. Honestly, I think it was deliberate, the people most effected by this are the poorest and the brown people, the Tories gambled that people wouldn’t care. The thing is for most people, this isn’t about immigration or race, it’s about keeping your promises and being fair. Even the most ‘ukip-y’ people I know, are outraged by this. The government broke a promise and it’s not fair to get people to work and pay taxes and then decide that they aren’t British enough. It’s not complicated and anyone with a working brain and heart would know that. Theresa May doesn’t.


Inside Rex Tillerson’s Ouster. Good grief it makes the mess that is Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary look orderly and controlled.

Congratulations, William and Kate – you can afford a third child

How to redesign the vaginal speculum

Even social housing is unaffordable now in some parts of England

Trump-Macron: unrequited love in the White House. This is hilarious!

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