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Happy Friday! Today I am not at work but this week, it’s not because of a bad back, it’s because Ma and I have been drafted for nephew-sitting over the weekend, while my sister-in-law has a well deserved weekend away with work. (My brother works nights at the weekends so he’ll be around some of the time but trying to sleep!)We have plans for swimming, crafting and Sunday lunch for Mother’s Day but you never know how it will go when toddlers are part of the mix!

In case you missed them here is a round up of my posts this week. Miscellany, allotment, morning photos. And here are some links from other people…

Are you sitting comfortably: the myth of good posture. It feels that this was published for me for this week.

Hate Washing Dishes? Try the “One Soapy Sponge” Trick. Or grow up and do the washing up as you go! Unless you can’t walk or stand, like me last weekend and my solution was to ask my mum to do it! But I did do my own washing up when I was recovering from foot surgery and the trick was to do it and leave it to dry and put it away later. It’s not perfect but it works…

Don’t cry for Theresa May. This Brexit crisis is her fault. True

How to prevent a Brexit food crisis? Dig deep for fair pay on farms.

Type 1 Diabetes Is No Longer Just for Kids

The unspoken sexual politics of “sorting yourself out” Who are these women, why aren’t they waking their partners up and making them do it again properly!

Dorm living for professionals. It’s an interesting idea but is this now the housing crisis going to change living, with only rich people able to live in self contained units?

Vitamin D may offer protection against cancers, study says. I started taking Vitamin D for the first time this year, mainly because the NHS recommends taking it in Autumn and Winter and there has been some research that suggests it helps with SAD and after Christmas, with going back to work I felt I could use all the help I could get! Overall, I do feel better for it, although I do take it alongside a daily folic acid and multi vitamin pill and elderberry syrup, so it could be the cumulative affect of all of them or just the vitamin d. I don’t know but I’m going to carry on until this packet runs out and pick it up in September and if it lowers my risk of liver cancer, so much the better!

So, Theresa May, renters are human beings too? It doesn’t feel like it. I rent a decent flat from a decent landlord, so I don’t suffer the worst of this. Yes my rent will probably increase this year (and yes it’s over half my monthly income) but the increases have been reasonable and have not gone up in line with the market and in nearly nine years my landlord has fixed the roof, a window, taps that wouldn’t turn, replaced the boiler and the washing machine when they broke down, replaced radiators to make the flat warmer and had work done to the front of the house to prevent damp. He doesn’t treat me like a cash cow and I in turn make sure that the house is well cared for and let him know when things that effect the fabric of the house happen, most of which I had nothing to do with or are functions of wear and tear. But the idea that the PM has to state that renters aren’t money machines, points up the rarity of my landlord’s treatment of me.

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