Monday Miscellany

Happy Monday!

Last week can be summed up with this photo and this tweet

I’m more or less walking and work is going to be interesting this week, sitting hurts but this is middle age!


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6 Responses to Monday Miscellany

  1. Valonia says:

    Oh no! Sending you healing vibes for your back.

    Those streetlamps look beautiful in the snow.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thank you it’s much better, although it’s still tender. The street lamps are great, apparently the council raided all the other street lamps in Ealing so that all the street lamps in the area I live in are the same and historic. I’m not sure how true that is (it’s a good story) but they are pretty..

      • Valonia says:

        It’s good to hear you’re on the mend. 🙂
        What a great story – so lovely. I hope it is true as it’s nice to think that your council is prepared to go that extra mile. We are moored beside a posh housing estate and the road we have to walk down to get home has the old fashioned street lamps with the crossbar – proper Narnia style. I’m completely enchanted by them!

      • nicdempsey says:

        Well they’re prepared to go the extra miles for Northfields but not so much for the rest of the borough that had their lamps all taken away! They are magical though!

  2. Valonia says:

    Fair point. I hope they weren’t left in the dark!

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