Monday Miscellany

The week begins again…

The good news is that I had just over six hours sleep last night, I usually get four to five hours, so six feels amazing! The bad is that I’m starting the week behind because I wasn’t home this weekend but it was in a good cause and the boys were mostly delightful, J is the most straightforward toddler going, he was heartbroken on Friday night bedtime but happy otherwise and Oli is a fairly typical football obsessed 8 year old.Family time was good but I missed Friday at work so it feels like I’m going to spend all week catching up at home and at work…

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I do want to speak about it a bit. It can be a complicated day for some people, it’s not for me because I have a great mother and I know lots of good mothers. Although not having children is sometimes painful for me (and there is an irony that I spent this weekend looking after someone else’s children) but not everything has to be put aside because of my pain. I think that we need to give ourselves space to see and celebrate joy even, maybe especially, when it’s painful personally. I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments from people who don’t or didn’t have great relationships with their mothers or weren’t mothered well. I do understand because I don’t really do Father’s Day, my Dad wasn’t a particularly good father AND he’s been dead for years. This doesn’t mean that people who have/had good Dad’s shouldn’t celebrate them and that I can’t be happy for them, even though sometimes that can be painful for me. I’m disturbed by the trend towards thinking that because we can’t celebrate something, no one should. Yes, we need to be mindful that we don’t cause pain but we also need to understand that no one sets out to cause pain. We all need to work to being inclusive and thoughtful and thicker skinned.

In other news, I had a whiskey related injury this weekend, in a supermarket and I wasn’t drinking. I picked up a bottle of whiskey, which knocked another off the shelf, hit me in the leg as I was trying to stop it falling and then fell to the floor. Whiskey everywhere and an embarrassed and bruised Nic!

My goal this week is to find some balance, I’ve been feeling that work is all consuming. Which I think is because it’s still a temporary job. I took it on as a temp to perm role but three months in, it shows no sign of permanency and so it feels precarious. This is having an impact on me, in that I’m a bit more worried generally, it’s a constant, low level stress and I’m sure that my recent issues with my back are connected to this. So I need to make sure that I’m playing attention to the other parts of my life. We’ll see how that goes.



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