Morning Photos

Every morning I take a photo. It’s not a good photo, it’s just a photo of the street and the sky, the state of the weather and most importantly how dark or not it is when I leave the house. I’ve been doing it since January, when it was dark at 7:30 (ok 7.45!). It started as a record, Winter darkness is not my friend and it was proof that even though I was very unhappy about having to leave the house in the dark I was doing it. A pat on the back for being a grown up, if you will. It was also a way of tracking how every day it was getting slightly lighter in the morning. Slowly changing.Now it’s something else, it’s a minute to reflect on my day, to think about how I’m going to approach it, to track the progress of the week.I’ve been thinking about preparation, Lent is a time carved out of the year to prepare. We’re preparing for Easter, for the joy of Palm Sunday and the heartbreak of watching it all fall apart by Good Friday. For the feeling of abandonment and hopelessness of Easter Saturday and the triumph of Easter Sunday.

But the truth is I’m rubbish at preparation. I pack for holidays at the last minute, the most productive part of my work day is usually the last hour, I work best at the last minute. But since January, I’ve been preparing myself for Spring, I’ve been tracking it every day in a photo, finding the time for reflection, when I felt least able to reflect or prepare.
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