Best/Worst – 11 to 17 December 2017

Happy Monday!


A successful interview. As of Monday I have a job, it’s a three month contract but it’s work and I’m happy about it!


Sick. My annual December cold, it has completely trashed two weekends and a haircut, I’m full of snot and coughing and I’m fed up and want it to be over but it’s still hanging around. I just want to be better. On the other hand, I went for an interview with a cold and got the job, oh the irony…

Honourable mentions to salt dough decorations, Grey’s Anatomy, making fudge, Oli as a star, being “grown up and ordinary to look at” from the child that calls himself “oatman” I shouldn’t be surprised! And finally losing my purse and having to cancel all my cards, only to have the bank call me to tell me it has been found! I picked it up last night and I hope the lady who found it enjoys the fizz!

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