Life Happened – Flu

Hello world! It’s been a while. It’s been a while because the cold that wouldn’t die, mutated into something else really grim, we’re thinking flu because of the uncontrollable shaking, high temp and my not being able to eat or read (seriously, that’s like the end of days where I’m concerned!).IMG_2807Last Monday, the doctor prescribed antibiotics for the chest/sinus infection and signed me off sick for the week, I did not argue because when my mother tells me I’m sick, it’s time to give up the fight and go to bed. She also went down with it the next day, so we’ve spent the week ringing each other every 12 hours, just to check we’re both alive. It’s not been a great week and though I’m back at work, I’m still pretty weak and feeble and am coming in and going home early so that I have a fighting chance of getting to and from work in one piece and can get my required 12 hours a night sleep. Yes, it’s that bad. No, I really don’t care anymore.

Life last week pretty much reduced down to being sick and not doing anything else. I didn’t have my haircut, I didn’t go to Christina’s 30th birthday party, I didn’t see anyone, speak to anyone. I didn’t exercise, unless walking from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen counts. I lost half a stone because I didn’t really want to eat or cook or have anything to do with food. It was a very beige week and this week is shaping up for more of the same but expanding to include work and that’s about it.


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