Honey, Lemon and Ginger Soother

This week is not going brilliantly, I’m tired and not feeling too great. The plus side is that I’ve stopped vomiting but on the not so good side as I left work yesterday I realised that I had caught a sniffle. Nothing too serious (I hope) but I had a sore throat, was slightly bunged up and there was a mysterious rash under my chin.

Emergency measures were called for so I made some of this up. Honey and lemon drinks are all over the interwebs and I don’t suppose this is anything new but it does the job and is very useful to have in the fridge. It also has the added bonus of soothing my stomach and my sniffle.

If unlike me, you’re drinking booze this month, you could add some whiskey or try one of these instead, it will make you feel better in the short term but experience tells me that it’s best to stay off the booze if you want to make it through a working week with a sniffle.

Start with two lemons and a knob of ginger  Chop up the lemons, grate the ginger, add a tiny bit of warm water and muddle.
  Bung some honey in a jar, add the lemon mixture and stir to dissolve the honey a bit.  Top up with hot water. Stick in the fridge
  When you’re feeling the need for hot lemon and ginger, put a couple of tablespoons with some of the lemon, add in a cinnamon stick (if you have one and you like cinnamon) into a glass or mug. I like to use my duralex glasses ’cause they’re heatproof and just the right size for my hands when I’m feeling poorly!  Top up with hot water, I have a kettle that gives me options for temperature and go for 90C rather than 100C but basically off the boil..
  Take to sofa, until you’re feeling better.


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