What I’ve Read – October/November 2017

I’m way behind on this, mostly because I haven’t really been reading that much. I just wasn’t feeling it, being in a slump is tough, so it was all stuff that I read quickly (in a day) and all escapism. I do think that it’s interesting that I can only really identify the books that annoyed me!

Crossing Hearts – Kimberly Kincaid

Someone to Love – Mary Balogh

I had been putting off reading this and I wish I hadn’t. The set up is ridiculous and not at all believable but I liked it and I liked that, as with all the Balogh books I’ve read, the happy ending doesn’t make it all better.

Wrong to Need You – Alisha Rai

Everyone is going on about this and while the way that the drama is piled on is a bit OTT (I mentioned this in the last book), I do like that sense that everyone in these books is imperfect and trying. They do some iffy things but there is proper imperfect difficult love both romantic and familial.

In for a Penny – Rose Lerner

This was a recommend read and it was fine but really everyone just needed to talk to each other.

Wilde in Love – Eloisa James

This was a throughly enjoyable. completely ridiculous romp. Fun

Test Drive – Marie Hart

Hooking Up – Helena Hunting 

Fun escapism

Forever Again – Shannon Stacey

Fun Shannon Stacey escapism..

Archangel’s Viper – Nalini Singh

Fun, ridiculous escapism. That also moved the whole over arching story forward.

Wait for It – Mariana Zapata

Oh this one annoyed me. I liked it, I was primed to like it but the slut shaming. I really, really, really object to ex girlfriends of the hero being referred to as sluts or money grabbing. Also a 12 year age gap which I didn’t much care for but don’t mind in other contexts..

Bountiful – Sarina Bowen

Sarina Bowen goes back to my favourite series and crosses it over with her current one and it was fun, also escapism but fun.

Someone to Hold – Mary Balogh

I can’t tell you why I liked it but I really did.

Someone to Wed – Mary Balogh

I liked this, I liked the hero and I liked that the heroine was damaged but not defeated and it all worked out.

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