June Goals

So I didn’t set any proper goals for May last month and it’s time to announce goals for June. June is shaping up to be busy for me. I’m doing things that involve more than me, Ma and the allotment, three weekends of the four and Ma is away in the last week so I’ll be allotmenting solo, which will mean weeding!

So what’s planned. Next weekend, I’m going to celebrate Mike and Jill’s 25th wedding anniversary, which they’ve cunning planned for half term (teachers!), the next day is allotment volunteering and babysitting for the Baxters. The following weekend is Junipalooza, then I get a weekend off and the last weekend is Charles and Eileen’s wedding. My introvert soul is trembling somewhat.

So knowing what I’m like and what I need to do to cope because that’s a lot of being around other people, I’m keeping goals on focus…

Self Care

Turn over, turn out. I’ve not been sleeping well recently or more to the point, not staying asleep. I’ve been waking before dawn (about 4:40am-ish) and tossing and turning until it’s time to get out of bed at which point I fall asleep and finally get out of bed at 6:30am feeling groggy and confused and it absolutely makes me a joy to be around! So for Monday to Friday, it’s time to practice the Duke of Wellington’s mantra “when it’s time to turn over, it’s time to turn out”. If I wake up earlier than I should, I’m just going to start the day. I’ve been doing this all week and I’m much more cheery and productive even though I’m significantly underslept. It should also help me sort my bedtimes out.

Sunblock and moisturise. I’m pretty good about sunblock but the bits that aren’t exposed to the sun are itchy and flaky, so back to the day moisturising routine.

Feet. Summer means footcare, I’ve been ok at this, but I need to moisturise my feet every night and give them a mini pedicure very week.


Update the spreadsheet every week. Knowing where you are is helpful.

£15 a week on food, keep money for food and everything else separate.

Keep to overall goals. Think about spending and put aside money in savings account, practice no spend week (actually that last one is happening now!)


June should see things really start to grow. By the end of the month the broad beans should be done and more leeks planted out. The onions will be up and I’m thinking about what we’ll put in that bed. I want to have the other tomatoes planted out and I wanted to extend the strawberry bed but I may just leave that a year and use that space for something else. Other than that, June is going to be about watering, weeding and defending from slugs, bugs, digging foxes and the pigeons…


The focus in June is going to be about maintenance, keeping it clean and tidy and making sure that the regular things are done. So kitchen, bathroom, hoovering, laundry, rubbish and recycling.

June is going to be more of the same, sticking to what works and taking care of myself and my environment. What are your plans for June?

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