Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I have a feeling that today and next Friday are going to require large amounts of gin! Here are this week’s links…

The planet’s loss is Trump’s gain.  I come from a country that is full of people deluded about it’s place in the world. I feel that we should welcome the USA to the ex-Empire club. Although Macron is playing a blinder again (see below about last week’s handshakes!)

No deal is not an option.

Emmanuel Macron is my favourite world leader right now.  The USA has a president so awful, that Theresa May looks good in comparision, that’s quite an achievement.

Students take Hilary Mantel as fact. I love Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies and I think they’re brilliant books but I think John Guy is right, historical fiction tells lies to give you a sense of the truth. The books aren’t fact but they are really good at showing how much depended on the will of Henry VIII.

Time for a new Plan B?  Yay! It’s good to see working class kids grow up sucessful. I love him for Ill Manors and this:

“You had all the time in the world to inform us properly about Brexit,” he says, “So why the fuck did you rush us? The way I see it, if someone asks you make a really important decision, but they say: ‘You’ve got no time, it’s really important, just do it,’ the fact is they are usually trying to con you.”

The election, I suggest, is rather rushed, too.

“They’re trying to cement the next five years so they can privatise the NHS, continue to cut public services and do all the other nasty shit they want to do,” he says. “They will make it harder for working-class people, but working-class people are being fooled into thinking that the Tories care about them.” And then, one of his private island moments: “Why should I care? I’m fine now, right? I’m good. But I do care.”


Having a new baby shouldn’t mean losing all your old friends. This is all sorts of self absorbed. I don’t need to have any more empathy for my friends who are parents, I babysit, help, listen and provide wine for them depending on what’s required. However, it’s a two way street, I’m not friends with the parents who think that my life is all roses or who don’t (at least occasionally) show any interest in my  life or problems. Having a baby shouldn’t mean losing your old friends but it also doesn’ t mean that your life as a parent is more important or valuable than that of your childless friends.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a high-street shop, asking it to dress her, This is so spot on.

And my larger-sized friends would like their fabrics to be the same as mine, not sourced for three pence a yard from the cash-and-carry, and certainly not emblazoned with mimsy butterflies or garish Aztec prints, like pelmets from a static caravan circa 1992. When you do give them something more modern, they’d appreciate your not assuming any body confidence they do possess should manifest in dressing like a dancer at Spearmint Rhino. They’re not freaks, ashamed, dowdy or inherently bubbly, kickass and outrageous. Please stop presuming that fat automatically equals tall with massive knockers, and thin equals short with a flat chest. Large women’s lives and desires are the same as those of thin women. All of us want normal, nice, fashionable but unfaddy clothes with a little design flourish here and there, which make our respective bodies look their best.

The Icelandic publisher that only prints books during a full moon – then burns them.This is completely nuts…

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  1. Sharon says:

    “making our planet great again” has to be one of the best all time come-backs!

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