Allotment Adventures: Not much to report.

If traditionally a Bank Holiday weekend means lots of time on the plot, then I broke with tradition this weekend. I’m blaming the hives…

We got to the plot on Saturday and watered and weeded and planted out some squash and that was pretty much it and I didn’t take many photos. The rain on Sunday and Monday has greened things up considerably and things are happening. The crookneck has fruit. The potatoes are going mad The borage is about to flower.Work on the plot in the next couple of weeks will be about finding space and things for winter. Laura gave me a bunch of plants this weekendMore tomatoes, a cucumber, some peppers and broccoli. The onions and broad beans will come up by the end of June and that gives me some space and I’ll make some space in the green house for the cucumber and a pepper, but I need to find space for the rest of the squash (one butternut, one baby blue hubbard) all the tomatoes, some more leeks, the broccoli and cavolo nero and I really want to plant some sweetcorn…

We’ll see.

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Not much to report.

  1. Sharon says:

    Your plot is looking in great shape.

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