July 2017 Goals

How are we in July already? Right enough moaning about the passage of time, let’s get down to business. How did June go? Really not too bad at all. Quick recap below.


Turn over, turn out. I was pretty good. I realised that I’ve reset the time I can bear to get out of bed from 8am to about 7am, which is still a good hour after I need to be out of bed! But the sunshine helps and I’ve been getting it done, slight readjustment was required to accomodate the morning watering in the middle of the month but all good.

Sunblock and moisturise. I didn’t burn to a crisp but I really hate how sticky sunblock makes my skin.

Feet. My feet are soft but I can’t ever get them totally clean, or I do and then they are dirty fine minutes later but I’m calling it good.

Update the spreadsheet every week. £15 a week on food, keep money for food and everything else separate. Keep to overall goals. That was all good.

Both house and allotment are looking tidy and productive.

Now for July. The month is kicking off with the Allotment Open Day, I’m up in Bedfordshire for Oli’s school fete, I’m out for dinner once that I’m aware of and off to a 30th wedding anniversary party at the end of the month. I spoke to Christelle about getting together in July and it was “nope see you in August”. It’s a busy-ish month. So it’s about work and keeping on top of my life on the month before my birthday month, when I have a week off and more time with the nephews…

So I’m keeping all of the goals above and adding a few more


  • Sort out the grout in the bathroom. I keep looking at it and thinking I need to scrub it so I need to spend an afternoon getting that done.

Self Care

  • Make an appointment for the doctors. I need some advice on how best to re-hab my still quite sore ankle after the sprain in May, and I need to re-up my sleeping pill prescription and asthma prescriptions (joy!)

That’s it, less is more!

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