Allotment Adventures: Sowing begins

I (like every gardener/allotmenteer I’ve spoken to in the last month) am itching to start working and growing. I’ve made a plan, bought seeds and now I want to sow everything and get going. However, it’s February, which is still dark and a bit nippy, so I shall have to be patient for a little while longer.img_5896Everyone seems to have a different idea about when and how and where to start sowing seeds but the general consensus seems to be to ‘hold your horses’ and don’t try to grow everything all at once. I don’t have a shed or a greenhouse or a polytunnel or even a cloche and so I’m going to have to be a bit patient about what I start off indoors but there are some things I can do this month.

So I’m chitting the seed potatoes and I’ve sown cavolo nero, leeks, basil and sweet peas. Leeks seem to need a good head start, I’ve sown a couple of cavolo nero which I will plant out early and use for salad, I grew basil last year and it took forever, so I’m going for an earlier start this year and sweet peas need a bit of time to get going, I was going to buy plants but I looked at all the things I will need to buy over summer (supports, compost, covers, cloches and framing for a couple of the beds to name but a few things) and I decided to have a bash growing them from seed.

I spent a couple of hours today feeling very Blue Peter with toilet roll tubes. For the sweet peas..img_5910img_5913In March, I’ll sow more cavolo nero, the tomatoes, summer squash and cucumbers indoors and towards the end of April, the winter squash. The beans, peas, salad, beetroot, chard, carrots and flowers, I’ll sow straight into the ground like I did last year, although I’ll probably start a little bit earlier than May for some of them!img_5915I also potted some cuttings I took from the lemon scented geranium in the bathroom. I’m planning on planting them at the bottom of the plot in the summer. I still have a plan to plant lavender to mark the divide between Joe’s plot and mine but that will be quite expensive and these smell nice and were free. They won’t survive the winter but the bathroom plant is a beast and I have to give it a good haircut at least once a year so I’m not hung up on wasting cuttings.

Next week, we’ll actually spend some time on the plot. I’ll mostly be to weed as I need another go at the spot for the rhubarb and the beds with the onions, garlic and broad beans could do with a once over. I also want to dig over and sort out the area next to the perennial herb bed so it’s ready for the annual herbs I want to sow. For the moment though, I’m happy with this…

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2 Responses to Allotment Adventures: Sowing begins

  1. Allotmental says:

    I’ve a tiny 4 tier greenhouse but that’s it, good luck with the sowings 👍

    • nicdempsey says:

      Thanks, I’m trying really hard not to get too excited. I’m thinking that one of those little greenhouses will come in handy for hardening off later on in the season.

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