Bullet Journalling for dummies

This year I did away with my paper diary. I didn’t go electronic and start storing everything on my phone because my brain doesn’t work that way. I need paper, I need to write things down.

But I’ve been carrying a note book and a diary around for years and really it makes more sense to just carry around one thing. The idea of bullet journalling as a solution to this problem has been floating around my head for a while and back in October, I decided to try it and bought a notebook. A Leuchtturm1917 to be precise. Now, I have a thing about notebooks with my preferred option being a rhodia but I couldn’t find a one with dots at that point so I went with the leuchtturm which has an index and numbered pages. Next time, I think I’ll work out getting a a rhodia because the leuchtturm has such an issue with bleedthrough when I’m using my fountain pen (which is this one but with a thicker left handed nib and no one else is allowed to use it on pain of death).

Anyway, I looked at the website, then I looked at a couple of others and started to play. By the start of the year I was happy enough to abandon my diary and go with this. I’ve settled into a rhythm with it. So basically I use it as my diary, to track goals, as a menu planner, to track what I’m posting on the blog and then for random stuff and very occasional journalling. I’m not very artistic at all so I don’t spend a lot of time creating a beautiful weekly or monthly spread, I try but the best you could say it that they are functional.

img_5894Monthly. I printed off these monthly grids and added birthdays, bank holidays and other significant dates, I keep them in the back of book in case I need to add things to them but only stick them in as the month starts.img_5893The other side of that monthly lay out is for monthly goals. This is a page in development as I think it will change as I work out how better to use it.

img_5888Weekly. I have a two page spread that works exactly like my diary pages used to. I put appointments and daily tasks in and use it in all the ways I used to use my diary, the only difference being that I set it up the week before I need it.

img_5902Menu planning also gets a  weekly page but it usually gets set up in the week prior to me using it. My food weeks go from Sat to Friday and I tend to plan and put the shopping and food prep to-do list on one page.

Blog. I’ve planned out a page a month for the blog, added the stuff I know that I’m going to post, so Friday Links, the monthly goals and ‘What I’ve Read’ posts and then as I have ideas, I pencil them in. This is not a change from last year planning in my notebook, it’s just in the same place as my diary.

The other stuff goes in as and when I think of something. Here’s one of the allotment pages for tracking what we’re growing..img_5901-1The BuJo things that don’t work for me are the symbols for tasks, ideas and so on. I’m just not that organised that I need it and remembering what was what wasn’t helping me feel in control. The other thing is the index, too much effort to fill in, the one provided isn’t long enough and looking it up just took too long. Instead, I make tabs for the monthly spread and the blog and I guess for anything else I’ll keep going back to at the moment that’s just the allotment plan/to-do/plant growing list. I cut off the monthly tab when the month finishes.


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