Cooking fail

I like to think I’m a pretty good cook but being competent doesn’t mean that I don’t have things go wrong. Any cook who tells you that everything they cook is a total success is a liar or doesn’t actually cook.

Obviously, when I post about what I cook and eat, I don’t often talk about when it goes wrong but sometimes it goes wrong. I haven’t forgotten the day that I left eggs boiling on the stove and left the house. Did you know eggs explode if you leave them boiling in a pan of water and water boils dry? You do now and hunting exploded egg is not a fun time in the kitchen!

The latest of my cooking fails was with bread the weekend before last. It’s happened before (see here) and it’ll most likely happen again because…well because I’m me and these things do happen…

Last week, I attempted a new bread recipe. It all looked great and I had three beautiful looking loaves of bread, until I cut the loaves open. I can’t blame the recipe, this one is all on me.img_5883See that stodgy bit in the middle. Raw dough. Which is not what you want to see. This was towards the edges of the loaf, right in the centre was a hold formed by heavy unsunk dough sinking to the bottom of the bread. Not my finest hour.

The secret with kitchen disasters is to try and salvage something from them. Here, I rescued the edges of the loaves that were cooked.img_5884Took out the raw bits of the rest and made breadcrumbs with the cooked edges. img_5885What was cooked, was good and will make great breadcrumbs but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Next time, I’ll have more patience and a lower oven temperature!


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