Other People’s Recipes – January 2017

A lot of cooking and creativity in the kitchen comes from reading recipes. I read about food a lot and I follow lots of cooking blogs. Sometimes, I cook a recipe as written, more often, I tweak a recipe to accomodate my tastes and what I have to cook with. At the beginning of the year, when it’s cold and grey and I’m skint, I’m more likely to look and bookmark recipes, so I’d thought it would be useful to have them all in one place (hence the very specific post title!) maybe you need some winter inspiration too…

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for pasta with potatoes and provola cheese

I would never have thought to put pasta and potatoes together but this looks like winter comfort food heaven and if the Italians do it, it must be ok, right?

Nigel Slater’s macaroni, chickpeas and tomato sauce

I still use Nigel Slater’s old cookbooks but I very rarely use any of the newer recipes in the Observer, they look great but I find them a bit otherworldly. How we cook and eat is very determined by how we live and Nigel’s life and mine nowadays are very far very removed from one another. Having said that, this looks good…

Stuffed Peppers

I don’t reall need help with stuffed peppers but these are intriguingly light on vegetables and carbs and full of cheese!

Chicken Piccata

I’m a sucker for chicken and lemon combinations. I can’t see a world where I would cook this recipe but maybe lemon roasted chicken thighs with some olives?

Kale pasta with chilli and anchovy

I bought kale this week and I have all of the other ingredients at home so this is probably getting made that week. Also I have plans to grow cavolo nero this year, so the more kale recipes I can acquire, the better. Speaking of which, Cavolo nero with rosemary and chilli

Swiss Chard Pancakes.

This looks like a use for the chard I’m growing, I would probably play with this a bit, but there’s something about the simplicity of this for family dinner that doesn’t work when it’s just you. Also it requires milk, which I almost never have in the house.

Spicy Carrot and Lentil Soup.

I actually make this and it was my lunch last week. It’s good and also uses milk, don’t be like me and burn the cumin!

Chickpea and vegetable hand pies. 

I’ve had these bookmarked for ages because I think they would be a perfect thing to make ahead and freeze, have I got around to doing anything about it? No. 2017 will be the year!!

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