Monday, Monday

This is usually where I put a ‘Life Happened’ post but they were getting a bit dull, I don’t find my life to be at all dull but it basically consists of the same elements; sleep, allotment, friends, housework, reading, wrangling the nephews occasionally, being ill (something I’m really hoping to do less of this year) and repeat.img_5475Like I said, I really love it but I’m not really enjoying writing about it and from the stats on the blog, you’re not really enjoying reading about it either! I honestly don’t know if there is anything to replace it with, the blog is my space and functions as something between a journal and a spare brain, I’m not sure who reads it or why they read it and that works for me because I think if I tried to change it to grow an audience or to make money, it would fundamentally change the space from what I need it to be.img_5403What am I saying? That I may not post on Mondays anymore, that it may be less about what I’ve done and more about what I’d like to do or about something that occured to me over the last week, it may be a photo I’m particularly happy with or a chat about what the week has in store and what I’d like to do about it. I’m not sure. I committed to focus this year but in this space, I’m giving myself room to be less focussed, I’m not committing to any definite weekly posts, generally, if it’s a recipe, it’ll go Thursday, Links with go on Friday and if there’s music it’ll be Sunday but I’m not going to be rigid about things having to go up or being in a particular strand because that felt quite constraining.img_5225This week I’m all about my routine and work, which is going to be busy. I know that we’re past the shortest day but it’s still pretty dark and I need a routine more in the winter than the summer, so I want to start to bed that in properly for the rest of winter, with emphasis on yoga and walking so I’m more likely to sleep better and be calmer about the business at work. I had a idea about the plan for the allotment, so I want to look at that. It’s the second week of January so I’m going to be gentle with myself about everything else and focus on the art of surviving January!

What are you doing this week?

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