12 Days in January

We are 12 days into January. Time flies even if you’re not having fun. One of my little resolutions for 2017 (little as in I didn’t want to make it a goal or anything, I just wanted to try) was to try and take more photos. I hardly even take my camera out anymore and I find that my view of the world changes if I have a camera with me.

So I wanted to try and be in that mindset every day and use my phone camera for more than just food, trains, the allotment and nephews…

It’s not been a raging sucess so far but here’s what I’ve managed since 1st January

Leaving for work in the dark, or ‘what fresh hell is this?’ – 3rd January

Finding art on a lunchtime walk and recognising the sculpture. I felt so educated (I’m not!) – 3rd January

Frustration at Paddington. You can’t board a train if it’s not there – 3rd January

The last of the days of the Christmas Tree – 3rd January

Bauble. I love my Christmas decorations – 5th January

Friday Night Pizza – this was so good and I love a pizza with an egg on it – 6th January

Uncle Ian – we when to Fulham, we talked, we drank whisky… – 7th January

Tube Strike – couldn’t get a bus, had to walk to Paddington in the rain. but I kind of love the blurry reflections. – 9th January

View from the sofa – I have been trying to spend some time in the living room each night. At some point I need to talk about my new curtains too… – 10th January

Wine Wednesday- drinks with Ma before cinema-11th January

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