Food and Budget Update: 15/10 to 21/10/2016

Time for a recap of food and spending. I’m making a concerted effort to eat some meals out of the freezer and I did some food prep by making a batch of bread rolls and a loaf of bread.


I went to Lidl with Ma and spent £5.60. I didn’t take a photo of it but this is what I got:

cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, red onions, butternut squash, 4 baking potatoes, plums, 2 large pots of plain yoghurt, mozerella, a pint of milk, plain flour, 2 tins plum tomatoes

Later I also bought three peppers, some pate and a tub of coleslaw which came to £3. So a total spend of £8.60.

There were two little courgettes from the allotment and lots of green tomatoes that are ripening by the kitchen window.


We on Saturday, Ma and I had plum crisp and yoghurt for breakfast. That and a packet of crisps was all I ate for the day!

On Sunday, I had leftover saute and an egg for breakfast and then lunch at Middletons in Watford. I had steak & chips and chocolate birthday cake for pudding.img_5100Monday’s breakfast a slice of toast. I had a cheese and cucumber roll with cut up carrots and cucumber for lunch with plum crisp and yoghurt as a ‘snack’. I had lentil bolognaise with pasta for dinner.Tuesday was more of the same for breakfast and lunch. I came home on that night to plumbing chaos and the news that I had no heating or hot water. Joy. Wanting to cut down on the washing up and being by this point in the day just done with it, I had toast, pate and cut up vegetables. Wednesday’s breakfast and lunch were a repeat of Tuesday’s and Ma come over on Wednesday night to help me with the post boiler installation cleaning. She is wonderful, fortunately there wasn’t that much to do so we drank wine and had pasta and chilli for dinner. Thursday, we had team building, I had plum crisp for breakfast and a baked potato and chilli for lunch. After the ‘golf’ there were drinks and snacks so I didn’t eat dinner because I wasn’t hungry

I finished the week with Friday night pizza as is traditional.

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