Food and Budget: 22/10 to 28/10/2016

Because my menu plan begins on Saturday, a lot of whether my food week is successful depends on how the weekend goes. Fortunately, I had a good weekend full of energy and enthusiasm for food, cooking and food prep! Also after a couple of conversations about my food budget, menu planning, cooking from scratch and ‘you can’t make healthy food with so little money’. I’m been instagraming my desk breakfasts and lunches. If you read these posts with any frequency, you’ll know that I tend to eat the same breakfast and lunch all week so they won’t happen very often but if you want to follow along, you can see them in the sidebar or follow me @nicdempsey

Generally, I thought this week was pretty good, until I looked at it as a total. Dinner was completely absent on two of five evenings. Whoops! Sometimes life goes that way and overall, it was pretty good, I wasn’t not eating because I was denying myself food, I wasn’t not eating, I just didn’t eat a sit down meal with vegetables. Must try harder on the vegetable front next week!


img_5154img_5163Last week of the month, I do need lots of staples but there is a lot of food in house and the fridge so I just went for olives and produce in Sainsburys and Tesco for a total of £4.03

Not much coming off the allotment.img_5171but I was also given two patty pan squash by an allotment friend.


Breakfast on Saturday was leftover pizza and dinner was a rice thing, this is based on the Chickpea and Spinach Rice Pilaf from Budget Bytes with some amendment and garlic flatbread.img_5172We also had plum crumble using the gin soaked plums from the plum gin.img_5174 Sunday breakfast was poached egg on toast.img_5177Dinner was lentil pasta bake and green beans, the pasta bake was leftover from one of last week’s dinners and green beans from the allotment that I froze in the summer.img_5183Back to work on Monday so food for the day was rhubarb compote, yoghurt and granola.Lunch was chickpea soup and a salad (pepper, carrot, cucumber, olives and quick pickled red onion)For dinner I re-heated the leftovers from Saturday night, mixed them up with one of the patty pan squashes and added a poached egg.img_5192On Tuesday breakfast was a black bean burger and cut up carrots.img_5194I’m trying to use what’s in the freezer and there were 3 of the burgers hanging around, so I made them into a basic sandwich with three of the rolls I made last week and some ketchup. Heated in the microwave for a minute when I get to work, they make a surprisingly good breakfast and will be going on the rotation because they can be made up and frozen for breakfast/lunch when meal planning fails!

Lunch was a repeat of Monday. Dinner was a baked potato with black bean and corn taco filling and a salad.

Breakfast on Wednesday wa s  a repeat of Tuesday. Lunch was supposed to be a repeat of Tuesday with a smaller potato, except I forgot the taco filling part of lunch so it was a baked potato with salad and this is why you should always bring a back up salad!img_5202I didn’t eat dinner on Wednesday, I left work with a headache that felt like the beginning of a migraine. I took one of the new tablets given to me by the doctor and spent £2.09 on a can of diet coke and a packet of treat size fudge bars. I drank the coke, ate 4 of the fudge bars and then drank a pint of water and took a sleeping pill. This stellar example of what I eat when I have a migraine coming on was followed by bed.

12-ish hours later it was Thursday and I felt better. Breakfast was the last of the breakfast rolls and lunch was a baked potato with the right topping and salad. I met Christelle and Mike on Thursday evening and we shared a bread and olive and a meat platter and two bottles of wine!

Friday was a work half day, breakfast was compote, yoghurt and granola and lunch was chickpea soup. Dinner was supposed to be pizza, however, I was really busy and dinner didn’t happen, I ate a treat size fudge bar and a courgette and chocolate muffin and that was it!

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