Life Happened: Busy but you don’t know it

This week was supposed to be prosaic and a bit dull. After last week’s coughing frenzy, I wanted a quiet, easy week and I thought that’s what I got but as it turned out, it was quite eventful, it was also the first week in ages when I felt well and got things done because I had the physical and emotional energy to do them.Monday morning commute, honestly it was nice to be up to it.Rainy October evenings are not fun.Boiler replacement happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. Which meant that the cupboards either side of the washing machine and surfaces needed to be cleared on Monday night. Not pictured is everything piled up on the kitchen table! I got home on Wednesday to find the plumber having a nightmare and the news that I had no heating (not too much of a problem) or hot water (bigger problem). I do know that many, if not the majority, of the human race survives without regular access to running water, let alone hot running water and not having it for one night was a completely survivable, first world problem and once I had put the pants of perspective on, I was just grumbly about the amount of chaos that two workmen can do to one tiny, tidy flat! I kept walking into rooms and needing to re-arrange things or tidy up!On Wednesday it was all done and my kitchen went back to the tidy, organised space it usually is although it did take me a while to work out where the thermostat was and how to programme the timer!

There was team building this week too. On Thursday, the team went to Swingers for drinks and miniature golf.img_5143img_5141After Thursdsay I was ready for the weekend so having to get up and go to work on Friday was a bit of a let down. However, I was glad to have done a complete five day week at work so all good.

Saturday started early for a 9am eye test, good news is no change in my eyesight, so no need for new glasses, which is a relief, my glasses are not cheap!

My plan was eye test, library, home, allotment. Alas I was early for the library, so I went to Tescos, where I bumped into Sue and had a brief catch up. Then I went to the library, which opened late!img_5162Books returned I walked home and then went to the allotment. Ma and I spent 4 hours, Ma weeded the top end and I dug over the bottom, we laid down weed fabric and I moved the rhubarb and the lavender. It was a beautiful day and there was a tiny bit of produce too!img_5171 On Sunday, I got to grips with the flat. Mostly the bedroom and the living room because they are the most neglected in terms of housework. I feel much better for it.img_5182Sarah R came round for a catch up on Sunday afternoon and Chelsea won 4-0, a good end to a good week.


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