Food: 23/04 to 30/04/2016

So last week I was on holiday and there was no food budget but I thought I’d show you some of what we ate while we were away!

We’d brought wine, a bottle of gin, tonic, limes, butter, homemade bread, coffee and marmalade with us. I also brought up flatbreads, hummus and frittata (part of my clear the fridge efforts).

We have a G&T holiday tradition… On Saturday night we ate fish and chips.  img_4068Breakfasts this week were mostly toast, marmalade and coffee

 On Sunday afternoon during our walk around Amble we went to Spurellis for an ice cream, this was seabuckthorn and gingerbread!      On Sunday night we ate steak but I forgot to photograph it! All the meat (and pies) we ate this week came from The Amble Butcher, which I can throughly recommend.

Monday night was a pork chop (they were massive) roasted with onions and peppers with mash and green beans.  On Tuesday in Newcastle we went to Bryon for a burger (and rootbeer for me!)   img_4112Wednesday night was for sausages with leeks and mash, which was delicious and I didn’t photograph (again)

Thursday night I ate the steak that didn’t get eaten earlier in the week, with a salad. Ma opted for a pie!  On Friday we went back to Spurellis for a knickerbocker glory

And pizza for dinner because some things don’t change whether I’m on holiday or not!

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  1. thesmilingpilgrim says:

    Thanks now I’m hungry and thirsty lol

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