Life Happened: Holiday

I started Monday still on holiday, which is the best way to start the week!

Ma and I got up and took a walk around the harbour before breakfast, it was a grey and windy morning.img_4084The plan was Alnwick for the rest of the food shopping and Barter Books. At Ma’s very sensible suggestion, I had saved my bag of books that usually go to the charity shop to take for barter. I was hoping for a couple of pounds so was really happy when they offered me £20 in store credit..img_4089I wondered around and chose some books and I still have credit for next time! I love Barter Books, it’s full of books, has a tea room and proper fires…img_4091By the time we got back from Alnwick, the weather had improved and the sun was shining, though still really windy, time for another walk!img_4095We tried to alternate driving with non-driving days so on Tuesday we decided to go into Newcastle on the bus. The weather was the worst with ‘wintry mix’ a combination of rain, sleet, hail and snow.img_4099But it was changeable, it cleared up and then rained again…img_4114 We headed to the Baltic, I love that place. The Omer Fast exhibit was really thought provoking..   On Wednesday, we headed into Ashington to the Woodhorn Museum
img_4122Thursday morning dawned bright and sunny so we headed off early to Craster for a walk to Dunstanburgh Castle!

On Friday we arsed around, went to Spurellis for a knickerbocker glory

 On Saturday, it was time to go home. We got back to Ealing about 3:30pm and an hour and half later I was unpacked and my first wash was on.

On Sunday morning, I woke up and defrosted the freezer and that done, I went off to view the allotment plot, I’d been offered. I’ve completely lucked out, the person who had it before me, has cut back to a half plot and I’m going to inherit the other half. This means that it’s not overgrown and there is already a victoria plum tree, rhubarb, raspberries and a gooseberry bush on the plot.img_4148The rest of Sunday was busy, a quick trip to the library, a visit to the grandparents (sort of!)img_4155And I finally got to meet baby Noah!img_4156He’s lovely and Ryan and Claire are doing well, though completely shattered!

That was my week, next week it’s back to work so there’ll be much less to tell!


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