What I’ve Read – April 2016

April was not a reading month, I guess I’ve just been in a bit of slump, I didn’t even read much while I was away. Anyway this is what I’ve read this month..

Terra’s World – Mitch Benn (library book)

I loved this, it took me a little while to get back into the style of writing but I just really like the way it all comes together and hopefully there’ll be another story.

Losing It – Cora Cormack (library book)

I’ve seen this around and it was at the library so I decided to pick it up. I was unconvinced.  The conflict didn’t feel like a conflict, the attraction wasn’t quite right and my usual prejudice about Americans writing English characters kicked in. Dear Americans, most British people define themselves by country English, Welsh, Scottish, the only people who generally don’t do this are Northern Irish protestants who call themselves British (the catholics from NI who generally tell you they’re Irish). Saying someone is British and then giving them both Northern and Southern English verbal tics is wrong and I can’t unsee it and Garrick, I want to believe he was named after the theatre  and it’s a pun but I’m more inclined to believe it’s an American writing what she’d like to believe is a British person. Rant over…

Keane’s Company – Iain Gale (library book)

Iain Gale wrote one of my favourite fictional books about Waterloo (Four Days in June) and he gave a talk at the National Army Museum about Wellington’s intelligence officers in the Peninsular Wars, so I knew about these books and there they were in the library so I grabbed them. It’s alright, Gale knows his stuff although I’m not too sure that you could detect that from this. Keane is a bit of a wonderboy despite being a card sharp. Fun, easy reading.

Morning Star – Pierce Brown (library book)

I loved Red Rising and Golden Son and I loved this and I read it twice. I liked that winning was a compromise. That there’s actual character growth, that Darrow finally realises his strength is his people, the ones he loves, the ones that love him. That there was space for redemption. I’m sad about one of the compromises and even though I want more of the world, this was a good place to end. I hated the first chapter, that is possibly my idea of hell, being trapped in a box. I loved it. I only own the first of these books but at some point I’m going to have to own all of them to re-read at my leisure.

Dirty – Kylie Scott (borrowed)

I liked the Stage Dive books enough to read this one. So first the things I liked. I liked the setting, I liked that the hero was short of cash, seems to me that there are too many rich boys in NA romance, this wasn’t entirely realistic but more than they have been. I liked (mostly) Lydia. Mal from the Stage Dive books makes an appearance and he’s my favourite so that was nice. What I struggled with, instalove, Lydia’s habit of putting her body down didn’t ring true to me. She constantly describes herself as plus size and talks a lot about ‘her big butt’, look I’m all for plus size heroines and I totally get that being bigger can lead you to less self confidence but it’s all tell and no show. It just didn’t work as it didn’t seem to have any impact on her except that she seemed to tell us it did, I didn’t feel it.

Worth Lord of Reckoning – Grace Burrowes (bought)

I bought this as part of an eight book deal My Favourite Rogue. It was Burrowes, not at all believable but good anyway.


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